Environmental Remediation Done Right.

JJ & S thrives on challenges and understands the the very serious problems and complications involved with environmental remediation.
 We meet all EPA guidelines for our remediation projects and follow all current best practices from initial site assessment to the realization of the job at hand. Due to the delicacy of many industrial remediation projects, we always assess our clients on the potential impact that these contaminants can have on both human health and the environment. Additionally, we discuss at length the regulatory statutes that our clients may be subject to as these play a vital role in the development of the remediation strategy.


We have worked with a variety of clients in San Diego County and have consistently met budget and time requirements. After talking at length with our clients, we have heard similar complaints about our competitors that we consider to be part of our strengths. Our crews are comprised of professional, respectful and intelligent employees that stand by our work.


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